Urban and Housing Lab ,

University of Bahrain



Investigating questions raised by practice to ensure consistency in advancement. Our approach is science-based and human-focused which unifies the dichotomy between professional disciplines.



Leading multi-disciplinary teams and building bridges between essential fields of specialization such as planning, architecture, transport, economics together with comprehensive stakeholder engagement strategies in heritage and other disciplines.



Building the knowledge of applied research in the field of urban planning and housing design through internship programs. We aim to host generations of interns that would excel in identifying fundamental links between spatial layout, land use attraction and the social, economic and environmental performance of places.

UHL Projects

Urban Projects

UHL provides planning and design services across a varied range of urban scales. Our science-based and human-focused approach integrates multiple disciplines including urban design, transport planning, land use economics and environmental engineering. We harness the capabilities of field surveys, data analytics, and predictive computing to inform shaping the social, economic and environmental impacts of urban development.

UHL Projects

Housing Projects

UHL’s approach explains the interaction between people and the spatial layout of houses they dwell in. We offer diagnostic and strategic design services that aid project owners and end users better understand and manage their premises.

Our approach

Knowledge creation through collaboration.

We are keen to bridge the gap between the academia and the market by joining forces with practitioners, design experts and architecture enthusiasts through applied research.

Our process

We develop a toolkit for progressive design thinking.

We use systems thinking to unwrap the multiple dimensions of urban and architectural phenomena, and repackage it to facilitate decision making and strategic planning.