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Housing Projects


Housing Project 01

01 Explore the development of the dwelling unit typologies of affordable housing in Bahrain
Period: 1970- 2016

Housing Project 02

02 Rethinking housing as an evolutionary process in Bahrain
Period: 1970 – 2016

Housing Project 03

03 Bahraini Domestic narratives
Period: 2014 - 2018

Housing Project 04

04 the evolution of traditional houses in Bahrain
Period: 1900 – 1960’s

Housing Projects

UHL science-based and human-focused approach explains how the spatial layout of housing influences the ways that people use them. We offer diagnostic and strategic design services to the funders, owners and occupiers of buildings and campuses. We harness the capabilities of in-use surveys, data analytics and predictive computing to shape the social, economic and environmental impacts of development.

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